The Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) is a water assistance program designed to assist low-income households in meeting their immediate water and wastewater needs. Household income must be below 150% of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines to be eligible. Prioritization Process is granted to households based on (1) Water Burden, (2) Poverty Level, and (3) Presence of vulnerable household member. The LIHWAP program consists of two components:

  • Priority #1: Provides immediate restoration of water and wastewater services to eligible households. Households with elderly, disabled, or children under the age of 5 are given priority.
  • Priority #2: Provides payment of arrearages to prevent disconnection of water/wastewater services. Households with elderly, disabled, or children under the age of 5 are given priority.


Eligibility is based on household income.

Categorical Eligibility includes:
Means Tested Veteran’s Programs :

 Dependency and indemnity compensation to parents
          Veterans of a period of war
          Surviving spouses of veterans of a period of war
          Children of veterans of a period of war

Beginning January 25th 2021, eligibility for LIHWAP will be at 150% of Federal Poverty Income Guidelines.

How to Apply for Services:

Step 1: Please review this document and if you are applying for WATER ASSISTANCE, UTILITY ASSISTANCE or WEATHERIZATION, you will need to provide proof of citizenship and identity. Please refer to the following matrix to know what will be accepted for both citizenship and identity documentation.

TDHCA US Citizenship Identity Matrix-Updated 0422

Step 2: Please refer to this checklist for required documents and instructions on submitting an application.

Client Checklist - 2022

Step 3: Print and complete an application for services.

Application Centers 2022

Step 4:  Please refer to our service location page to determine the center closest to you and application submission options.