Energy Assistance

The Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) is designed to assist income eligible households that are in danger of having their utilities turned off or are experiencing other energy-related emergencies. Household income must be below 150% of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines to be eligible. Prioritization Process is granted to households based on (1) Energy Burden, (2) Poverty Level, and (3) Presence of vulnerable household member. The CEAP program consists of two components:
• Household Crisis: Provides assistance with utility bills during extreme weather conditions and/or fuel supply shortages that have or will deplete household financial resources. Households with elderly, disabled, or children under the age of 5 are given priority.

• Utility Assistance: Payments to assist low-income households to reduce their energy burden. Home Energy payments will be combined with energy conservation tips to reduce their home energy needs.

Utility Company Assistance:
ATMOS ‘Share The Warmth’ assists clients with their ATMOS gas bills during the cold months.
TXU-Energy Aid assists clients with TXU electric bills.
Reliant – CARE Program assists clients with Reliant electric bills.
Pedernales Electric Cooperative assists clients with Pedernales Electric Coop. electric bills.
Heart of Texas Electric Cooperative assists clients with Heart of Texas Electric Coop. electric bills.
Central Texas Electric Co-op assists clients with Heart of Texas Electric Coop. electric bills.


Eligibility is based on household income.
Categorical Eligibility includes:
Means Tested Veteran’s Programs –
Dependency and indemnity compensation to parents
Veterans of a period of war
Surviving spouses of veterans of a period of war
Children of veterans of a period of war

Federal Poverty Guidelines:

Program Year 2017 Income Limits for CEAP
(Effective January 24, 2017)
Persons in Family/Household 100% of Federal Poverty Guidelines 150% of Federal Poverty Guidelines
1 $12,060 $18,090
2 $16,240 $24,360
3 $20,420 $30,630
4 $24,600 $36,900
5 $28,780 $43,170
6 $32,960 $49,440
7 $37,140 $55,710
8 $41,320 $61,980
Families with more than 8 persons Add $4,180 for each additional person Add $6,270 for each additional person

For CEAP PY 2017, beginning January 24, 2017, eligibility for CEAP will be at 150% of Federal Poverty Income Guidelines.

SOURCE: Federal Register, Document Number 2017-01586, Tuesday, January 24, 2017