Board of Directors

John Fisher, President
Frank Somera, Jr., 1st Vice President
Wayne Boultinghouse, Secretary
Lloyd Huggins, Treasurer

Elected Officials
Jon Burrows, Bell County Judge
Bill Schumann, Bell County Commissioner
John Fisher, Bell County Commissioner
Tim Brown, Bell County Commissioner
Ray Ashby, Coryell County Commissioner
Lloyd Huggins, Hamilton County Commissioner
Wayne Boultinghouse, Lampasas County Judge
Mary Cunningham, Llano County
Bob Vacek, Mason County
Dave Barkemeyer, Milam County Judge
Jason Williams, Mills County Commissioner
Byron Theodosis, San Saba County Judge

Organization Representatives
Marlene DiLillo, Bell County
Frank D. Somera, Jr., Coryell County
Barry Thompson, Hamilton County
Karen Dezarn, Lampasas County
Richard Cortese, Bell County
Yvette Rowland, At Large
Vacant, Llano County
Shanna Price, Mason County
Susan Pommerening, Milam County
Kim Wesson, Mills County
Georgia Harris, San Saba County
Sean Payton, At Large

Representatives of Low-Income Residents
Vacant, Bell County
Sidney Scott, Jr. Bell County
Shelly Worley, Bell County
Russ Cochran, Coryell County
Michael Langford, Hamilton County
Kay Shelton, Lampasas County
Connie Turner, Llano County
Fritz Landers, Mason County
L.C. Richards, Milam County
Vincent Aberle, Mills County
Amanda Gowin, San Saba County
Gabriel Rivera, At Large

Work with our organization to assist and improve the lives of low income families in your communities.